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What is the reach of newspaper ads in India compared to other media?

In India, newspapers are still the dominant advertising medium, with a reach of nearly 80% of the population. This is due to the fact that newspapers have a fixed reach at a lower cost as compared to other media, such as television or radio. Additionally, the circulation rate of top newspapers is still high, at around 60-70%. This means that newspaper ads have a wide reach and are relatively affordable.

There are many reasons why newspaper ads are better than other sources of advertising. For one, newspaper ads reach a wide audience with a variety of interests. This is due to the fact that people of all ages and backgrounds read newspapers. Secondly, newspaper ads are less expensive than other forms of advertising, such as television or radio. This makes it a more cost-effective option for businesses, large or small. Finally, newspaper ads allow businesses to target specific demographics with laser precision. This is because businesses can choose which newspapers to place their ads in, based on the readership of that particular publication.

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