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Newspaper classified and display ads: An effective marketing tool

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Benefits of Advertising in newspapers

Target Audience

Newspaper classified ads can target carefully chosen demographical sections that are otherwise difficult to target via other media. This option allows advertisers to effectively reach out to a specific audience with a greater possibility of turning them from potential clients to real clients. This is easily achieved through regular weekly classified ads and ads in other special publications.

Flexible options

Advertisers can choose the size of the ad, the content of it, placement (section and page) and the design as well. Choose the date and demographical location as per your requirement and convenience. Customize the frequency of the newspaper classified ad appearance (weekly, bi-weekly, daily, etc.) as per your marketing strategy. This ensures that the readers see the information in the same format and in the same location, thus improving their chances of remembering it. Ads in newspapers can also include scannable QR codes codes to avail special discounts and offers.

Low cost, high efficiency

Newspaper classified ads cost less per thousand readers compared to radio, television, pitching and direct mail advertising. Additionally, newspaper classified ads fit your budget criteria. This is especially an advantage for startups and bootstrapped brands which prefer low cost but greater reach to transcend their business. Besides, for increased ad coverage and higher frequency, newspaper classified ads can be availed at a discount.


Unlike social media platforms, on which a lot of content is lost in a bigger sea of content, newspaper classified ads catch the reader’s eye. These days, most newspapers are available online and digitally. Almost all adults tend to spend at least a few minutes each day to scroll through the newspaper. This is a great option for advertising offline and digitally too.

Trusted source

A newspaper is a more trusted source of information than other media and sources. In this era of technology where everyone has unleashed access to social media platforms, there are a lot of false information, scams and spams floating around, making it difficult to understand the authenticity of the source of the information. It is safe to say that newspaper classified ads are far more trustworthy by its readers. The call-to-action sees a better response when the source of information is a newspaper.

Thus, a successful marketing strategy can be implemented through newspaper classified ads. NewspaperAds is a platform that provides end to end solutions in relevance with your requirement. Reach out to us for more information.

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