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How to create and publish an obituary ad in newspapers across India

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

When you lose someone close to you, it’s difficult to focus on other issues, such as informing relatives and friends. In that situation choose the simple and time saving medium to inform the loss of a dear one to the relatives and friends. Importantly choose the right newspaper to reach out target readers and invite them to prayers meetings, mass services, remembrances and so on. know how to publish obituary ads in newspaper with NewspaperAds.

Types of obituary ads

  1. Classified Text Ad

It is the most convenient form of advertisement in any Newspaper. The Ads appear in the classified section in the standard running text format. Enhancements like tick mark, color, bold font, border lead to additional charges.

  1. Classified Display Ad

classified display ads are visually most attractive than classified text ads. In classified ads you can add customized font, color, logo, or image to make the advertisement visually more effective for the target readers.

Why book an obituary ad in the newspaper?

An obituary is an announcement of a person’s death and generally covers a brief explanation about the persons life. Moreover obituary ads provide information of the family of the mourning for people to pay their respects, as well as the information of the forthcoming burial or remembrance service. So here is the reason, why you should book your obituary ads in newspapers:

1. Provides Information

Obituary ads provide information about a recently expired person as well as a brief information about them.

2. Reaching Family and Friends

Obituary ads help to connect with more family individuals and friends of the expired person, so they may come and pay their respects.

3. Helps to Bring People Together

Obituary ads help to bring relatives and friends close to the family of expired.

4. Paying Respect and Homage

Obituary ads serve to pay recognition to the expired just as honour their accomplishments.

5. Wide Reach of Newspapers

In India, countless individuals in cities and towns across the nation read newspapers. Newspapers reach wider audience.

Booking Classified Text Obituary ads online is easy. Follow the steps below:

  1. Click on this link to publish Obituary ad with NewspaperAds.

  2. Select the location and the type of ad that you want to publish in newspaper, which is followed by the category as obituary. And then select the newspaper in which you want to publish.

  3. The next page is a design your ad page, that allows you to compose your ad or upload a professionally composed one to be published in a newspaper of your choice. You can choose to highlight your ad by adding enhancements like bold text, adding a background color or increasing the thickness of the border.

  4. The final step is to review and confirm your publish date(s) followed up with making a payment via our secure online payment. You will receive order confirmation and a e-proof of the obituary classified ad, once it is published .

Booking Classified Display Obituaries on Newspaperads is as easy follow the below steps:

  1. Firstly open this link to publish Obituary ad with Newspaperads www.newspaperads.in.   

  2. Secondly select the location and the type of ad that you want to publish, which is followed by the category as obituary. select the newspaper in which you want to publish your ad.

  3. One of the most interesting & creative and simple step is composing the display classified ad. You can customize your ads by adding the image of the expired person, you can specify the exact ceremony that’s being held in honor of your loved one to make your invitation.

  4. finally, in order to confirm the booking process & receive an immediate confirmation via email consisting all the booking details of your ad, confirm your release date and clear your payments via our secure online payment mediums which include Debit/Credit Card & Net Banking.

You can book obituary ads on www.newspaperads.in

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