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How to advertise in Newspaper in India

We are an online Advertising Agency Newspaperads assisting you to booking Classified and Display Ads in Local, Regional and National Newspapers distributed from Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and all other cities in India. our experts will help you to know how to advertise in newspaper in India.

Newspaper Ads

Newspaper ads are as old as newspapers. These advancements can do something beyond advertising products and services. Every newspaper ad works really hard to get the customers, and it brings them back again and again. They’re a proper way to reach a huge number of people of any age especially willing to read newspapers. They spread all corners of the country in all language, even where there is no power. Similarly they offer a flexible size and content that is unique by any other electronic, outdoor, transmission, and different methods for speaking with people in general. Consequently, its significance to advertisers.

Types of Newspaper Advertising

There are three types of Newspaper ads:

  1. Classified Ads

These are the least expensive and easiest type of newspaper ads, and comparatively it is low cost ad. However, at high cost these can be upgraded with the use of best quality, outskirt or striking content.

  1. Classified Display Ads

Classified display (CD) advertisements are more costly as they permit the utilization of logos, visuals and shadings to be more attractive. The ads are charged based on sq. cm/premise of the space covered. Such ads are further limited to the connected pages of newspapers.

  1. Display ads

Display ads are generally used by business and corporations to promote their goods or services. There is no limitations to the colour, size, page or position in the page. They commonly contain text, photos, logos, maps and other educational issues. Ads displays up on the same wavelength as, or on the page close to, the overall newspaper content.

You can reach us for these advantages while executing your Newspaper advertising needs. You can get in touch with us either on-line, or by sending a mail to help@newspaperads.in. Newspaperads will help you to know how to advertise in newspaper in India and also assist you to book advertisements rapidly.

Why pick Newspaperads.in?

Newspaperads.in has improved internet spreading and given a total change to the technique for booking Classified, Classified Display a lot advertisements.

Why newspaper advertising?

Newspaper advertising offers many important benefits that the internet, TV, and radio can’t offer.

Better targeting: Newspapers use divisions, announcements, and attachments that target viewers for particular areas, groups or periods.

Build a reputation: Newspapers determined to form a loyal client base through positive relations. By advertising in a newspaper, you can build your reputation purely through association.

Better reach: While the eye span of an internet user is 8 seconds, newspaper readers spend more time reviewing advertisements and statistically have more buying power.

Flexible advertising: Advertisers can select the exact size, location, and design for their ad. They can also change the advertisement as required by working directly with the newspaper team.

More affordable: Newspaper advertising typically costs less per thousand readers than many other forms of marketing. In addition, it also offers different measures to satisfy advertising needs.

Offers trust: Newspapers report 58% more trust for news than the other medium, with online coming in at just 27%. If you’re interested in gaining a relationship of trust with customers, newspapers are a great way to achieve that.

Offers options for extras: A newspaper is large but limited. This gives companies a choice to post a further advertisement or highlight a special they’ll be running. People love coupons and newspapers are an excellent way to publish a coupon or special.

Step by step instructions to book ads

1.    Firstly select city and/or newspaper and category.

2. Choose options that fit your budget.

3.    Finally enter your content or select from templates and complete order.


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