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Change of Name Newspaper Ad

Many people change their names for various reasons one of the most common ones being a change of surname post-marriage or for astrological reasons, or even just to correct a spelling mistake. Once you have initiated the process of the name change, it is always a good idea to book a change of name newspaper ad.

Reasons due to which a person may initiate the process of a name change:

  1. Post marriage: A change of name after marriage is required for documents pertaining to banks, passport, identity cards, address proof documents, etc.  

  2. Re-marriage after divorce 

  3. Spelling mistake in the old name: this might affect you in cases pertaining to ancestral property, inheritance, legal documents, etc.  

  4. Adoption: name change to authenticate all the documents after the adoption.  

  5. Numerology or astrology 

  6. Change of religion 

Why should I book a change of name newspaper ad?

  1. Satisfies Legal Requirements: In order to change your name officially and legally, it is mandatory to publish the name change to make it legal.  

  2. The ad helps rectify spelling mistakes and resolves confusion that arises out of a misspelt name.  

  3. Classified name change ads provide clear information about the identity of the person. This contains the old name as well as the new name.  

  4. Serves as a public announcement to authenticate the change of name.  

Change of name process – 5 steps

  1. File an Affidavit for your name change.  

  2. Publish the change of name newspaper ad 

  3. Gazette notification  

  4. Verification  

  5. Publishing in a Government Press or Gazette 

How to book the change of name newspaper ad online?

You can book your newspaper classified ad on www.newspaperads.in in 3 simple steps:

Select the type of ad – text ad or display ad.

Text ads contain only text while display ads can be customized to contain images, background, colour, different font, etc. You can format as per your requirement.

Select the newspaper and location:

Choose from a wide range of newspapers to publish your ad. Select the location(s) at which your ads should occur. Then choose the package that suits your requirement.

Compose your ad:

Choose from the wide range of effective templates or design your own ad. Choose the dates for the ad to run. Get the estimated cost and proceed to the secure payment page.

By following these simple steps, you can book your change of name newspaper ad online, quickly and hassle-free. Get in touch with us for queries or more information.

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