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Book Property Ads in Times of India

Updated: Jan 31

Newspapers advertising, whether property ads, recruitment ads or marriage ads, have been popular for decades. Many people say that the newspaper ads don’t work nowadays, but this can’t be true because there are different advantages to putting an advertisement like a property ad in the Times of India. Everyone is aware of the fact that the times of India is one of the nation’s leading newspapers and has a large fan base of about 7.5million readers. slowly, true content has been distributed around the world, so a lot of people trust the times of India will only offer true and proved information.

How to book an advertisement in Times of India Newspaper?

To book your property ad in TOI for both classified and display ads,

Follow the given procedure at Newspaperads:

  1. Click here to publish your property ad with NewspaperAds

  2. Select location from the list available.

  3. Select the type of ad you are willing to publish.

  4. Now select the category as property from the available list.

  5. Then select the newspaper as Times of India.

  6. Finally review the cost and booking details then make payment choosing from various payment options like credit/ debit card or bank transfer.

What is the cost of Property ads in Times of India?

The times of India advertisement cost starts from Rs. 300 for classifieds and goes up to Rs. 50 lakhs for a full page ad. Depending on the advertisement choice and the city you choose, the cost varies. Classifieds in TOI are charged per line, while the rates per sq. cm for Display Ads are charged in Rupees. The prices vary again for various reasons.

Which is the best day to publish property ad in Times of India?

Sunday is the best and popular day for property ads in Times of India newspaper under Times interact section. Property classifieds on Saturday in property times. The other types are advertised according to the advertiser’s requirements.

Few advantages of booking Property ads in TOI

Result driven: if you want good results from your ad campaign backed up by high ROI, the purpose will be served by times of India classified ads. In the industry, they are considered to have the lowest price that will not make you regret your TOI advertisement decision.

Immediate publishing: with times of India, you can instantly publish your ads as well. They have some provisions that they can execute an immediate advertisement for the book newspaper, which ultimately leads to the faster publication of the same.

Various types of advertisements: you can actually book advertisements with times of India catering to various types of requirements. TOI will effectively cover your ad requirements without any difficulties, whether it is a marriage advertising, recruitment ad, property ad, obituary ad or tender advertisement. In single or multiple locations, we also help you publish advertisements and with better rates.

Better positioning of your ads: be sure to position your ad with times of India show ads. For healthy exposure and optimum mileage, Newspaperads believes in providing high brand equity backed up by better placements of your ads.

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