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How to design and publish matrimonial ads in newspapers across India

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

What is a Matrimonial Newspaper Ad?

A matrimonial newspaper ad is published to seek out a suitable match for a bride or groom. A matrimonial newspaper ad incorporates the age, educational qualification, profession, income, religion/caste and contact information of a person who is looking to get married. It also contains the details of the kind of prospective partner that they are looking for. Here is something interesting – matrimonial newspaper ads are extremely popular in India but the idea did not originate here! They were first explored in the UK and USA.

Matrimonial Newspaper Ads have been a very popular choice to search for prospective partners. Here is everything that you need to know about how to write the perfect matrimonial newspaper ad and then book it online.

Details to include in a matrimonial ad:

Irrespective of the format you choose, your ad should ideally include the following:

  1. Age

  2. Height

  3. Religion/caste/sub-caste

  4. Educational qualifications

  5. Profession

  6. Location

  7. Expectations

  8. Horoscope


The ideal way to highlight your matrimonial ad is by using the right phrases in a big and bold heading. Ideally, one can use “Bride wanted” or “Groom wanted”. If you are at ease with factors such as countries and cultures, you can mention “Cosmopolitan bride wanted” or “Cosmopolitan groom wanted”.

Abbreviations used in a matrimonial newspaper ad:

Since a classified newspaper ad generally costs you on a per word basis, you can use abbreviations to convey important information while also using fewer words. Here are some of the abbreviations that you will find useful to include in your matrimonial ad:

  1. BHP: Biodata Horoscope Photo

  2. D/o: Daughter of

  3. S/o: Son of

  4. LPA: Lacs per annum

  5. NRI: Non Resident Indian

  6. OCI: Overseas Citizen Of India

  7. PQM: Professionally Qualified Match

Booking your newspaper matrimonial ad online:

  1. Choose the type of ad: Text ad or display ad

Text Ads are generally of two kinds – ROL which has plain text and ROD which has a combination of plain and bold text (highlighted to draw attention).

Display ads allow you to add colours, backgrounds, images, variable font, etc. that allows you to format your ads as required.

2. Select the newspaper, location and package

After successfully designing your ad, you have to choose the newspaper(s) or publications in which you want your ads to be published. After that, choose the location (state/district/ locality, etc.) Then choose the package that is in accordance with your budget. The package depends on the type of ad, location, length or size of the ad, etc.

3. Compose your ad:

Choose your options from the filters and categories given to complete your ad. You can choose from the preset templates or customize it. Finally, choose the date(s) on which you want your ad to appear in the selected newspapers or publications. Complete your booking by proceeding to the payment page. You will be able to see the total approximate cost before you make the payment.

Your matrimonial newspaper ad can be booked in 3 simple steps on www.newspaperads.in. For any questions or queries, you can contact our experts who will help you book your ads online.

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